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The End of the Internship Road

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Although I came into 91.5FM Phuket FM Radio and announced the weather forecasts as usual, today was not just another normal day. Today officially marks the end of my internship. Today was the last time I got to announce the weather or do features on the Afternoon Show with the Doris. That’s right, somehow it is already the last day of my internship at 91.5FM! When I first started I thought to myself, 3 weeks is a very respectable amount of time but now it seems too short. Then again when you’re doing something fun and enjoyable, I guess no amount of time is sufficient really.

To end my last day, I did a special summary feature where I talked a bit about what I have been doing and what I have learnt during my internship. Hopefully this won’t be the last time I am ever live on-air! My internship at 91.5FM has made me positive that working in the media, whether it be in radio or television is the career I want to pursue. Everything I did was enjoyable and has only made me want to learn more.

I brought my camera in the other day as there was no way I could finish without a few memorable photo’s! I can’t thank 91.5FM enough for letting me intern with them for the past few weeks. Now, I can proudly tell people that I have been on live radio. Not something any old average Joe can claim they’ve done 🙂

That’s all from me, Alice the Weather Girl and intern. Thanks again for everything 91.5FM!


Students from Headstart School at 91.5 FM studio

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 91.5FM Phuket FM Radio had some special guests in last Friday! Brendon, an 11 year old boy and Nyke, a 9 year old girl both came from Headstart International School to the station to lend their voices for an advert for Funstart. Funstart is a leisure center in Kathu that provides children and their families with a range of activities to do. They were given a script so that we could record their voices to use in the advert. The kid’s did a great job and can now proudly say that they have made their first radio debut.

I am interested in learning as much as I can about everything that goes on in a radio station, whether it be the technical side of things or in this case advert production so I sat in during the recording to learn what I could. To anyone out there that thinks that making a 30 second or so advert is easy, then think again! Getting the tone of voice right for the type of advert you’re doing is never an easy job and then there is all the editing that goes into the advert, such as choosing the right background music. Seeing the finished product and then comparing it to the rough product at the beginning that had no music or editing makes you appreciate how much work goes into a good advert. It’s all worth it in the end when you have a fantastic advert that you can play on the radio again and again. Hopefully I’ll get to make a radio advert sometime in the future or be involved with its production.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are ready to start the week positive and fresh.

Alice the Weather Girl/91.5FM Intern 🙂


Step by Step

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This morning I went to do my regular morning weather reports at 91.5FM Phuket FM Radio as per usual. However, this time I had to do all the microphone checks and handle the radio equipment by myself! It was quite exciting yet I was rather nervous at the same time in case anything went wrong. It all went well until I did the 10.30am forecast as I was a bit too loud. My biggest problem is that I need to work on is controlling the volume and pitch of my voice! Whenever I do a microphone check, the volume of my voice is always fine and at the right volume. However, when it comes round to doing the weather, I have this strange habit of making my voice much louder. It’s almost as if I feel like I can’t  be heard or something so I have to shout.

Each day that passes gives me more of a chance to try and solve the problems I have and work on improving myself. I have to remind myself that not everyone can start off being a perfect presenter who will know exactly what to do. As DJ Doris told me, it does take practice so I just need to be patient and conscientious of what I am doing wrong in order to remedy them.

On a side note, I will be staying on the Afternoon Show with DJ Doris for a while after I finish my 12.30pm weather forecast. I won’t tell you what we will be chatting about, but lets just say you may want to tune in if you don’t know what to do on the weekend 😉

That’s all from me, Alice the Weather Girl.


Settling in

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Hello again from Alice, 91.5FM’s newest intern and weather girl! I’ve gotten into a regular routine of announcing the weather in the mornings and I am finding it really fun. It’s not without its difficulties though, namely technical difficulties. There is a lot more than you think going on behind the scenes and it’s taking me a while to get comfortable with all the equipment in the studio. That said, there’s nothing I love more than a challenge. There’s also been the odd embarrassing stutter or ‘um’ on air but I am sure that will remedy itself the more air time I get and the more I announce the weather. I actually got the chance to listen to a few of my weather announcements the other day that had been recorded. Let me tell you, it is really weird to listen to yourself! It was useful though as it let me see what exactly I needed to work on and what I was doing wrong.

I’m not sure if you caught it or not, but I got to sit in from 12.30 until 1pm with Doris on his afternoon show. This was great as we discussed a variety of things, not just the weather, which was a chance for me to be more confident on air. It was more interactive than my usual morning announcements which made it that bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Hopefully by the next time I post an update I will be feeling more confident about the technical side of the radio!


The Weather Girl

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Hi there everyone! My name is Alice Williams and I am 91.5FM’s newest intern and Weather Girl for the next three weeks. I couldn’t be more excited to work with everyone at 91.5FM and learn as much as I can about what happens on a day to day basis at a radio station.

I will be announcing the day’s weather on the Breakfast Show at 9.30am, 10.30am and 11.30am as well as on the Afternoon Show at 12.30pm. It will be a great way for me to get used to being on live radio and as a way of being able to practice being comfortable speaking into a microphone and being listened to thousands of people! Everyone at the station has been really friendly and have been helping me out a lot, ensuring I feel comfortable when I do the weather announcements and just making it a nice environment to work in.

I am eager to see how the next three weeks will go, and you can check up on my internship journey by listening to my weather announcements and checking out Today in Phuket. A special mention to Simpson Marine for sponsoring the weather announcements made on the Breakfast show.


Phuket Wan

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Once again the greatup to the minute news site PhuketWan tells it as it is as the local Phuket print news media continue to go head to head.

From the Phuketwan report ……

Precisely what this welcome change in approach means in the context of the Gazette’s arm-wrestle with the News for Phuket readers is difficult to gauge, but the Gazette’s new-found openness clearly implied that prospective advertisers should ask the News how their visitor numbers compare.

The News has recently completed its third online remake since the Tweedledum-Tweedledee weekly launched in March, shaking the Gazette out of years of monopolistic complacency and providing Phuket’s English readers with greater choice.

You can read the full article here

In reading the online news and the speed that Alan and his team break the “latest” news you can soon start to understand why they win awards.