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This Month on Phuket FM Radio…

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91.5FM’s launch Lights Out Phuket!

On March 26, 2011 an anticipated total of more than 1 billion people from 223 countries around the world will switch off all non-essential lights and electronic appliances between 8.30 and 9.30pm local time in support of the fifth annual Earth Hour.

What started as a project between the WWF and The Sydney Morning Herald in 2007 has become a global tradition and the 2011 hour expected to be bigger than ever before as part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about climate change.

As a central figure in the Phuket community, 91.5FM – Phuket Island Radio has launched and is actively supporting Earth Hour and volunteering to raise awareness of the movement so that everyone in Phuket – Thais, expats and holidaymakers – can join the fight to make a difference by switching off their lights.

More information about Earth Hour – written in both English and Thai – can be found at the website and volunteers can also register their support for ‘Lights Out Phuket’ on the Earth Hour Phuket page on Facebook.

Climate change is of growing concern to everyone, something highlighted by the difficulties facing many around the world right now.

91.5FM hopes that everyone in Phuket on March 26 will join the station in switching their lights off for 60 minutes and contributing to the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Get involved with Earth Hour and and get a FREE 30 Second on 91.5FM!

Go to and click on the supporters tab to sign up for Earth Hour Phuket and 91.5FM will mention you or your business LIVE for 30 Seconds on Phuket FM Radio. Just add your name, Lights Out Phuket message and upload your logo to get started with this amazing event.


Twitter goes orange with 91.5FM!

Now you can follow all of your favourite shows that are broadcast from the studios of 91.5FM on Twitter.

Keep up to dat with everything that is happening on 91.5FM and throughtout Phuket direct from the dj’s as they present their shows to you. All the gossip and excitment as it happens plus local news updates, Phuket event highlights, traffic alerts, competitions, special promotions, and in show features.

To follow 91.5Fm – Phuket FM Radio on Twitter either search for ‘Phuket Radio’ or visit our profile at


91.5FM Podcasts are here

91.5FM now offers you all of our evening shows from Monday to Friday as Easy to Download Podcasts so that you can enjoy these fabulous shows again and again at your own leisure. The Old Record Club, The History of Dance Music, Mark Wilkinson’s Club Classics, Kidology and Disco Daze are all available for download.

In order to make your podcast download easier Phuket FM Radio has broken each show in to 3 easy to download parts, each1 hour in length.

Best of all we keep the past three weeks of shows so if you miss part or all of one of you favourite shows on 91.5FM, just go to the Phuket FM Radio website: and click the ‘Podcasts’ button to download what you want.


Introducing Mark Wilkinson

On January 14, internationally renowned DJ, producer, remixer and promoter Mark Wilkinson joined 91.5FM – Phuket Island Radio, bringing the very best contemporary and classic house music exclusively to 91.5FM four nights a week.

Mark has been in the music industry since the early 1990s and has brought an impressive resume to 91.5FM which includes having launched his own record label – Kidology Records; had a UK Top Ten hit with a remix of Lou Reed’s ‘Satellite of Love’ under his alias ‘Dab Hands’; and taken the Kidology label to top clubs in London, Ibiza and other locations around the world.

Kidology is all about vibrancy, colour, flair and putting the ‘party feeling’ back into club land and it is exactly that kind of energy and excitement that Mark will bring to 91.5FM from 7pm until 10pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Over the coming months you’re going to hear a lot of Mark but what about the man himself? In a two-part interview we have a look at who he is, what’s influenced him and how he arrived at 91.5FM.

What were your music influences at a young age?
Well from a very, very young age my Mum was all about Elvis and The Beatles, who of course were both huge and had some of the most amazing melodies in their songs. They got me into popular music but at roughly the time I decided that my Mum must no longer cut my hair – aged about 11 or 12 I think – I really got into soul. At that time Radio London used to have an awesome line up of DJs playing Soul, Funk, Rap & Hip Hop. Tony Blackburn, Dave Pearce and Steve Walsh were playing all the most upfront music every morning and most evenings too. I used to stay up late to listen then bunk off school in the mornings to catch Tony Blackburn daily – the signs of a misspent youth!! So that was where my real love of club music kicked in and it’s not left me yet.

When did you start getting into DJing and when did you realise that you might be able to do it for a living?
I started DJing at 17 at my mates’ house parties. I couldn’t really mix to begin with but people liked my music selection so I filled the dance floor areas. I noticed that other DJs didn’t get the same reaction from the crowd that I did, so then I started to do mix tapes (as it was back then). I gave them out to friends and they took on a life of their own; I’d get messages and calls from people I didn’t know saying they were listening to my tape at some party and it was going off! I guess I knew then I could make this my life, and it just grew from there. Once people knew the tapes and talked about them in the clubs, promoters wanted to book me for their nights. This was a bit more daunting but I was enjoying it so much I just went for it. Next thing you know I’ve played in 65 countries worldwide to hundreds of thousands of people and loved every second of it!

Given you’ve played to crowds all over the world, which is your favourite club?
Hmm, a good answer would have to be the next one…. and the really honest answer is that just can’t pick one favourite. The fact of the matter is, wherever I am playing, if there is a crowd of people – large or small – and they’re appreciating what I’m doing, then I love it too; that can be from 20 people at a small private party to thousands at a club or a festival.

Best friend in the industry?
I have so many friends worldwide in this industry that I am truly blessed. For example last year I dodged the volcanic ash cloud that was over Europe and I remember seeing people stranded at airports for days on end and thinking that if I was stuck in any location in the world there is always someone I could ring who would let me stay with them or find me a place to stay; I simply love that. There is no doubt, however, that my current Business Development Director at Kidology, Mr Paul Bryenton, is a truly great friend and has become invaluable to me, as well as being a friend he is an amazing business guy for me to work and grow with for the future.

What is Kidology?
Kidology is recognized as one of London’s most uniquely styled nights out and has been raising the bar in recent times, holding nights and tours as far afield as, Dubai, China, Russia, throughout Europe, Ibiza, the UK and, of course, Thailand. It started out a few years back in London at legendary venues such as The Cross, The End, Ministry of Sound, The Egg, and Pacha, and has now grown into a worldwide party brand. The ethos behind Kidology is to put the ‘party’ feeling back into club land; Kidology is a fun, flamboyant, and friendly night out, encompassing a special brand of great house music.