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91.5 FM Phuket have launched the Android App.

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91.5 FM BBC News

91.5 FM is Phuket’s no.1 radio station with BBC News, Events, Dj’s & great Music.

The 91.5 FM – Phuket Island Radio player is the only Android App that broadcasts everything that is going on in and around Phuket, Thailand. With great dj’s and fantastic music the 91.5  FM radio player is perfect for you to listen to whilst you are sitting on a Phuket beach, taking a tour, or just relaxing in your hotel. 91.5 F M – Phuket FM Radio broadcasts live, in English, everyday with fun packed shows, live international news from the BBC, Phuket Weather and all the latest highlights from the paradise island of Phuket.

Where ever you go bring 91.5 FM with you!!



91.5FM Breakfast Show with Ryk Orion

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91.5FM Breakfast Show with Ryk Orion

A child of the G-twins, this dawg is gregarious, spontaneous, egomaniacal and draws strength and wisdom from his hair. This little boy of extremes is bestowed with Solomon’s thirst for knowledge, Job’s tenacity, Loki’s mischievous ways, the heart of a “siokoy,” and Michael Jordan’s killer instincts – this dawg will drive you nuts with his spunk.

Ryk Orion has splashed in the fountain of youth(denial) and will stay 19 and a couple of summers till the day he lays out

He has surfed the cosmic waves of radio for more than 15 years, doubling as a communications trainer, eventologist, branding and imaging specialist, and as a – retard –

One word best describes this neanderthal-alpha-creature who you either love or hate – topDawg

Show Breakfast with 91.5FM
Dj Ryk Orion
Sponsor Please call!
Features A Little bit of everything!
Music Style An awesome selection of Rock n Pop to get you out of bed in the morning!
When Monday – Friday
Start Time 08.00
Finish Time 12.00