The End of the Internship Road

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Although I came into 91.5FM Phuket FM Radio and announced the weather forecasts as usual, today was not just another normal day. Today officially marks the end of my internship. Today was the last time I got to announce the weather or do features on the Afternoon Show with the Doris. That’s right, somehow it is already the last day of my internship at 91.5FM! When I first started I thought to myself, 3 weeks is a very respectable amount of time but now it seems too short. Then again when you’re doing something fun and enjoyable, I guess no amount of time is sufficient really.

To end my last day, I did a special summary feature where I talked a bit about what I have been doing and what I have learnt during my internship. Hopefully this won’t be the last time I am ever live on-air! My internship at 91.5FM has made me positive that working in the media, whether it be in radio or television is the career I want to pursue. Everything I did was enjoyable and has only made me want to learn more.

I brought my camera in the other day as there was no way I could finish without a few memorable photo’s! I can’t thank 91.5FM enough for letting me intern with them for the past few weeks. Now, I can proudly tell people that I have been on live radio. Not something any old average Joe can claim they’ve done 🙂

That’s all from me, Alice the Weather Girl and intern. Thanks again for everything 91.5FM!

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