Settling in

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Hello again from Alice, 91.5FM’s newest intern and weather girl! I’ve gotten into a regular routine of announcing the weather in the mornings and I am finding it really fun. It’s not without its difficulties though, namely technical difficulties. There is a lot more than you think going on behind the scenes and it’s taking me a while to get comfortable with all the equipment in the studio. That said, there’s nothing I love more than a challenge. There’s also been the odd embarrassing stutter or ‘um’ on air but I am sure that will remedy itself the more air time I get and the more I announce the weather. I actually got the chance to listen to a few of my weather announcements the other day that had been recorded. Let me tell you, it is really weird to listen to yourself! It was useful though as it let me see what exactly I needed to work on and what I was doing wrong.

I’m not sure if you caught it or not, but I got to sit in from 12.30 until 1pm with Doris on his afternoon show. This was great as we discussed a variety of things, not just the weather, which was a chance for me to be more confident on air. It was more interactive than my usual morning announcements which made it that bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Hopefully by the next time I post an update I will be feeling more confident about the technical side of the radio!

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